An entrepreneurial venture by management professionals with a broader vision of doing something their own and to help qualified people to associate for attaining mutual growth in career & life. We focus on blending, packing, marketing and exporting of consumer based products specially tea, spices etc... Ongoing research process is in progress for manufacturing products that can make a healthy living to the society.

HAB Values

We value all the companies which deal with business similar to us and wish to maintain a healthy relationship with them for the progress of our economy. We wish to thank our Parents, Teachers, The Almighty, all our Print, Visual, Audio, Web based promoters, all the social, political, religious leaders, celebrities, our channel partners & all our well wishers who directly & indirectly support us in building this organization.

Quality Policy
  • TEAM HAB is committed to utilize all available resources effectively and efficiently for making HAB a perfect global entrepreneurial venture.
  • We believe in rendering quality products & services, all the time.
  • We strongly hold our tradition, values and culture in the business.
  • We render the best service to our customers and to the society .
  • We are always open to updated technology, introduction of right products to right customers at the right time.
  • We welcome and value all innovative ideas and suggestions from our beloved customers, employees & well wishers.
Social Commitment

We are not running behind heavy profit making but to spend a certain % from our profit for addressing the health related issues in the society like cancer, by providing support to the needy. We wish HAB’s entrepreneurial initiative should be a role model to the society and the next generation.